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Tales of the South Atlantic
By John R. Harrison PhoM2/c-USNR







John (Jack) Harrison has presented us a book that unveils the complex role Brazil played in World War II. Besides providing new material regarding the Atlantic Ocean-wide strategy of the United States (US) Navy in weakening the ability of Germany’s U-Boat and surface raider fleets to harass Allied shipping, Harrison’s book provides new data concerning U-Boat operations in the Pacific Ocean, and US ability to rapid ferry aircraft from the Americas to fighting in north Africa and southern Europe from bases in eastern Brazil. The book has terrific anecdotal stories of servicemen stationed there during the war, as well as follow-up information on their lives. Harrison’s photography and that of his compatriots of wartime activity, life then in Brazil’s cities, also with updates, is outstanding. This is truly a remarkable story told from first-hand experience.

Joseph Lake
Delaware Historian



John R. Harrison

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